Welcome to the pages of Hotel and Restaurant under the Tower in the heart of Strážnice

The location of the Hotel and Restaurant is surely appreciated by cyclist as it lies on the Moravian cyclist wine route. We offer lovely seating in different parts of Restaurant with different interiours and atmosphere.



We would like to invite you to our new acommodation facilities and relaxation zone.
The hotel provides 20 beds in 10 rooms in some with the possibility of adding extra bed. The rooms   are designed in modern elegant style and their facility fulfills the needs of demanding clients.



You can choose from extensive offer of Czech and foreign cuisine which draws near gastronomical experience for favorable prices. More information


The lounge bar

With its capacity of 30 seats, the lounge bar is divided from the restaurant by sliding doors. When these two rooms combined, it makes united place with capacity up to 70 seats. Due to its interior design of 30‘s it is sought-after for hosting weddings, family celebrations or work lunch.


Stone cellar

We are now entering the historical part of the building, where the stone vaulted cellar with fireplace opens to our sight in the depth of 4 metres under ground. The romantic feel of this place encourages to the event with candles and fine wine.


Brick cellar

This cellar made from brick masonry is connected to the original vaulted stone cellar with the capacity up to 45 seats. Thanks to the superb quality of sound system, this cellars are perfect for any event fulfilling individual needs of clients including even dance and music.


The garden

Our garden with rich greens pleasantly complete the indented configuration of tables. It is perfect for wedding ceremonies under the sky or barbecue pig where even the little ones have fun in the children‘s corner. We also remeber the cyclist so they can leave the bikes right in the garden.


The garden

Our garden with rich greens pleasantly complete the indented configuration of tables. It is perfect for wedding ceremonies under the sky or barbecue pig where even the little ones have fun in the children‘s corner. We also remeber the cyclist so they can leave the bikes right in the garden.




 From 15:30



Chicken broth with noodles



150g Grilled chicken breast with grilled vegetable, Madeira sauce and gratin potatoes

300g Steak of pork neck from the Czech organic farming with fried onion, bacon and baby potatoes

200g Steak Mignon on sauce of green pepper with cognac and baked potato with herb butter

150g Medallions of pork tenderloin covered in pancetta with mushrooms sauce and potato chips

150g Beef hamburger with steak fries

150g Beef cheeseburger with steak fries

150g  Tartar from sirloin with toast



Créme bruleé with fruit

Choco brownies with vanilla ice-cream and fruit

Light fruit cheesecake



0,3 l Draught lemonade
0,5 l Draught lemonade

0,25 l Kofola original can
0,25 l RC Cola

0,25 l Vinea white, red
0,25 l Orangina original
0,25 l Nativa green tea with lemon flavour
0,25 l Chito Tonic, Ginger

0,25 l Semtex original – can

0,33 l Rajec – still, soft-carbonated, carbonated

0,2 l Rauch 100% juice apple, multivitamin, orange with pulp, pineapple

0,2 l Rauch nectar – black currant, strawberry, pear, sour cherry, mango, cranberry



Baby Pina Colada
Monin Coco, Pineapple juice, cream

Rauch grapefruit, Monin Grenadina

Virgin Mojito – lime, mint, soda



Aperol Spritz
Prosecco, Aperol, soda, orange

Rauch cranberry, Cointreau, vodka Amundsen

Raspberry Satan
Tequila, raspberry rum, Bacardi, Monin Grenadina, Grapefruit juice, lemon juice

Cuba libre
Bacardi, RC Cola, lime

Sex on the Beach
Vodka Amundsen, Vodka Koskenkorva Peach, Monin Grenadina, Orange juice

Pina Colada
Bacardi, Monin Coco, Pineapple juice, cream

Mojito – lime, mint, Bacardi, soda



Tea Pickwick black, green, fruit, herbal//Ginger tea with honey
Hot chocolate with whipped cream, milky – white
Grog – rum, water, lemon
Hot wine white – red



Espresso ristretto


Espresso lungo

Espresso doppio


Turkish coffee


Espresso macchiato

Latte macchiato

Caffe latte

Vienesse coffee

Algerian coffee

Affogato al caffe  (vanilla icecream)

Ledová káva  (double shot of coffee)

Káva Milani  (vanilla icecream, cream)

All kinds of coffee can be made decaffeinated or take-away. Portion of milk is free of charge.



0,3 l Březňák 11° draught
0,5 l Březňák 11° draught
0,3 l Starobrno Drak 12°draught
0,5 l Starobrno Drak 12°draught
0,5 l Pilsner Urquell bottled
0,4 l Zlatopramen Radler lemon, can
0,5 l Zlatopramen nonalcoholic bottled
0,4 l Zlatopramen nonalcoholic grapefruit,herb, can



0,75 l Bohemia demi, brut
0,75 l Children´s sekt



0,1 l Martini extra dry

0,1 l Cinzano bianco



4 cl Rum Božkov
4 cl Rum Captain Morgan
4 cl Rum Bacardi
4cl Diplomatico Reserva Exclusiva rum 12yo
4 cl Don Papa rum
4 cl Spišská borovička
(Slovak juniper brandy)
4 cl Slivovitz Jelínek
4 cl Gin Beefeater
4 cl Tequila Olmeca Silver



4 cl Finlandia
4 cl Amundsen
4 cl Koskenkorva Peach



4 cl Jameson
4cl Tullamore Dew
4 cl Jack Daniel’s
4 cl Jack Daniel’s Honey
4 cl Chivas regal 12-yo



4 cl Egg liqueur
4 cl Fernet Stock, Fernet Stock citrus
4 cl Becher liqueur
4 cl Bailey’s
4 cl Jägermaister



4 cl Martell Cognac V.S.
4cl Davidoff Cognac V.S.O.P
4cl Courvoisier X.O. Cognac X.O.



BOTUR Winary Strážnice

0,75 l Muscat moravian 2016 PS, dry

0,75 l Hibernal 2015 VH, semi-dry

0,75 l Riesling 2017 cabinet PS, dry

0,75 l Chardonnay 2015 PS battonage, dry

0,75 l Tramín red (Traminer) 2016 PS, dry

0,75 l Ruland grey 2016 battonage, dry

0,75 l Pálava 2015 VH, semi-dry

0,75 l Cabernet Sauvignon 2015PS, rosé, dry

0,75l Cabernet Moravia 2011 PS, dry

0,75 l Alibernet 2012 PS, dry

0,75 l Frankovka 2009 VH, dry

2 dcl wines on glasses white, red according to the offer